Starting the Sales Process

Some of the beginners wonder how to start the sales process, other experienced sales men just let the chance play its role to attract new leads. But selling is not about leaving anything to chance, it is about working hard and smart persistently and diligently to bring new leads, involve them into the sales cycle and then close the sale. So, the first step in the sales process is to get the lead.

But what is the Sales lead? The Sales Lead  is a person or organization identified as having interest and authority to purchase your product or service. Leads are a mixture of people you know and those you have never met before. In other words, they are your “Warm Market” and your “Cold Market”. Of course there are other types of leads but here I’ll discuss these two.

Warm market Leads:

Your warm market is made up of those people you know. They could be your closest friends or just some one you see at a local shop. Most companies will tell you the first place to start marketing is with your warm market because there is a trust factor and they are more prone to listen.

For these types of leads you’re simply going to do some brain storming and write down a list of everyone you know or have come in contact with. It can be easy at first because you’ll write down all your family and close friends, people you see and talk to almost daily. This list could literally be in the hundreds and keep you quite busy for a long time to come. The “Warm Market” list is an absolute must and one you will need to create quickly to give your sales career a jump start.

The list could easily be in the hundreds although off the top of your head you may not have realized you knew that many people. Remember, your warm market list is an absolute must and the more complete it is will mean more people you can easily talk to.

This list is made up of those you hold close to your heart and see every day. They are the ones you should most want to see succeed right along with you. It is them you will want to approach first.

Now For Your Cold Market, People You Don’t Know:

Although it could take quite a while eventually your warm market leads will wear thin and you will want to start reaching out to those you don’t know. Growing your new business to the point you want will require you to start looking for “Cold Market” leads. The first thing to consider is lead quality. Those Cold Market leads can be acquired in more expensive ways than Warm Leads as they require more than just to drop their names from your mind and give each one a phone call. They require marketing and getting involved in lead generation campaigns. Lead generation Campaigns can be done offline as well as online. Will write an article to address that subject, so please come back to check it later.

There is also another big difference between Warm Leads and Cold Leads in the way you would have to handle them, the length of the sales cycle for each, and the closure rate. You would have more credibility with whom you know and dealt with before but with those whom they don’t know you, you will take more time and effort in order to gain their trust and their mind.

Dealing with different types of leads will be another topic to write about later.