Increase your options – Have a better life

Life is all about options, you either go left or you go right, you go up or you go down, you go forward or you go backward. Increase your skills and knowledge if you want to have more options. If you know more than one language, you will be able to have more choices when you apply for work, if you know more about your business you will be able to foresee more opportunities than others, and if you have more friends you will be able to have more support from your community, if you have more clients you will be able to sell more to them and so on.

So let’s have some concrete examples that you can use in life. If you only know one language why don’t you try to learn another one, there are many centers that offer new language skills, or you might enroll to one of the online sites that can teach you any language. And when you start try to focus on one more language at a time, and when you finish you would have to decide whether you start another language, or keep practicing and enhancing your language knowledge

If you apply for a job, why do you apply in just one company, why don’t you attend all interviews you are invited to attend. Do not limit  yourself to false assumptions as: They won’t accept me, they do not pay good salaries, and they have a lot of candidates applying so why should they choose me. Nothing is easy; you just have to make the effort and increase your options.

And if you are in the sales business, try to increase the number of your prospects; do not just settle for 2-3 leads you were introduced to in order close the sale. Keep searching for new prospects and as the number of your leads grow you will be more relaxed that you have a lot of options and the possibility that you close one sale increases. Let’s take a numerical example: assume you have only one prospect, what is the chance you need to close the sale? You will need a 100% chance in order to close that sale. But what if you have 3, then you would only need a chance of 33% in order to close one sale, and what if you have 100 leads in your bucket then with a chance of 1% only you will be able to close the sale.

Life is all about options, so go on and increase your options.