10 Tips For Building A Successful E-Commerce Site

Want to make a lot of money out of online shopping? Then the need to have a successful E-commerce site comes in handy. Whereas there are no universal design options or features which help E-commerce sites get elevated to the peaks of popularity, there are however some important things that you can do to make your E-commerce site a huge success. Here are 10 tips for a building successful E-commerce site that are worth knowing.

1- Show the benefits of your products

Your site should be aiming at showing shoppers the benefits they can get from purchasing your products. There are a significant number of online shoppers who don’t know exactly what they want, and so they move from one E-Commerce site to the other. That is why your site needs to tap into such shoppers by showing them what they are definitely missing out. You can have a section on your site offering creative ideas of how to use your products purchased on site, or how to use a mix of products together. This will make the shopping experience more inspiring and motivating.

2- Showcase your products

This is arguably the most important thing you need in order to have a successful E-commerce site. You need to showcase your products and also offer product descriptions so that visitors can get to know about your products. Make your products accessible to your clients such that they can easily pick their ideal products off the shelf. You can let your designer have your product showcase with more than one image, more than one color and more than one application. This will inspire imagination of the online shopper for purchasing your products. So if you are selling T-shirts, showcase each item with different images in different colors, with different nice looking models wearing it. And if you are selling food items, show images of the food item in different attractive tasty looking plates, show people enjoying eating the food, and so on.

3- Make your site easier to navigate

Navigation is critical to an E-commerce site. Therefore, your E-commerce site should have easy-to-follow pathways so that clients can easily look at your products and then compare them with products offered by your competitors. Easy navigation can be achieved by carefully categorizing your items into categories and sub-categories, building menus and sub-menus with lots of items, having a Mega Menu on site is one of the best menu options. Providing simple and advanced search on site also makes your site easy to navigate.

4- Make some promotions from time to time

In order to attract visitors to come and visit your site over and over again, you need to accustom them on continuous promotions on various items and categories on site. Have a yearly calendar while you are planning your promotions and mark the important dates on them where you would better promote some items each time. You can pick national holidays such as the new year holiday, summer holiday, or Haloween for example. You can also pick some important events where you want to attract internet visitors as “The Football World Cup” or the Olympics.

Have a prominent banner in your home page to announce promoted products, and always change the promotion where you can change the items or categories that get promoted, or change how you promote them as eg. 10% discount on all Soccer shoes, Buy 2 and get one free on white cheese, … etc.

5- Make sure your site loads in a short time

One of the main reasons online shoppers can leave your site is loading time. In normal internet conditions, the home page should load between 2 and 8 seconds. The faster it loads the more your visitors will continue using your site. Speed loading depends on some factors: Some coding techniques offer better execution speed, so make sure your developer knows what technology he is using to develop your site, another factor is hosting whether you are hosting your site in a good data center and choosing a suitable plan (storage space, processor speed, memory, …), and images optimizing on site: the larger the items images the slower the speed of loading your site. So be careful with this speed issue.

6- Provide an excellent responsive service

Make sure you have excellent and quick support on your site. This can be achieved by 2 factors:

  • On site help tools: as having a support button leading to a form where the visitor can inquire for help, or online support chat service where the shopper can directly chat with a human agent for help, or an email to contact your support to be replied later.
  • Having ready to support knowledgeable support agents online: is very critical for the satisfaction of the online shopper and one of the most important factors that assist him in the purchase decision. Imagine a shop without shopping attendants that  can help and assist you taking the right decision, that is the same case online.

7- Make sure your site is Search Engine friendly

Building the site from the beginning to be Search Engine Friendly will save a lot of hassles and difficulties when Optimizing the site later for Search Engines. Make sure the right plugins and extensions are put in place while developing the site.

8- Adapt your site to mobiles and tablets

One of the latest web design techniques is having your site adapted to mobiles and tablets. This will make it easy to read on all devices. Most mobile devices are not compatible with Flash technology, so if you need a web site readable on all devices you have to avoid using flash to be seen across all platforms. Responsive design allows to change the design according the resolution of the device screen you are using. Try to open our site www.nasseredin.com on different devices to notice how it would change.

9- Secure your site

Hacking is one of the most critical challenges endangering your online shop success. Hackers are always trying new ways to hack each and every site online for a lot of reasons, the least of them is to steal your clients’ information. Hacking might also destroy your site. Fortunately, there are ways to immune your site against hackers that you have to implement. You would also need to regularly backup your site’s data so that -depending on your frequency of update- you have the latest version that will save you in case of disasters. Plan B is always a good idea.

10- Make ongoing Online Marketing activities to promote your site

Without marketing no one would ever know your site. All what we mentioned above are useful when there is good traffic on your site, however -the fact is- without traffic your site would not be selling.You have to build traffic using a lot of ways and techniques in order to have a site that sells and brings money to your pocket. Obviously, Online Marketing is the most important ways to drive quality traffic to your shopping site as your site is online too. So, you have to take care and professionally market your site online by dedicating a budget for this purpose. Depending on the size of your business, and your background and knowledge, you can either hire a team to do that internally, or outsource this function to a professional company.

If you are not experienced enough applying those techniques, seek an expert help from a consultant, or just let a professional company with a past experience of building, maintaining and marketing E-Commerce sites to do that job for you.