How to build my Online Presence – Part 3

Now after 15 days or so, you will have a nice web working web site with blog articles and some suitable traffic, your social networks will start to be filled with posts, tweets, fans and followers, you can make some advertising to attract more fans and followers and thus attract new level of engagement.

You will then have the problem of having a lot of comments that you need to answer, you will be having a load of writing some suitable daily posts in order to keep your followers engaged. You will also have to make some graphics for your posts and choose images to post with and make some Photoshop editing before you post. You will then have to publish your posts on time every day with a constant frequency. If you do not make time for all that, your social presence would be a mess and might fire back, then how would you do it and overcome those obstacles?

First, if you don’t have the time or the skill to do that, you should hire somebody who understands how to do it. There are a few who can do all of those tasks together as you need a copywriter, a graphic designer, a marketer, and a moderator, if you would make an AD campaign you would also need an AD specialist, so you would be better off with a social media agency that has all those skills and can give you your share of each function with moderate cost. Ie. You will be timesharing in a social media team. But if you have some time, then you can make some discipline using the following methods:

  • Try to write your posts in bulk, if you are experienced at your work, you can maybe write 30 related posts in just one hour. That would make part of the postings for 30 days.
  • You will have some different types of posts, from informative posts to engagement posts to selling posts. Try to use the selling posts as minimum as possible so that not to let your fans run away.
  • Do not copy posts from others, try to be unique in order to engage your fans and acquire their loyalty.
  • Make a template on Adobe Photoshop where you can insert your posts, this will give it a more attractive look
  • A good practice is to write posts that promote your blog articles
  • You can use a tool as to announce blog articles as soon as they are published to all your social media pages
  • Use a posting and management tool such as in order to make automated scheduled posts across all the platforms.
  • Always make what you can do in bulk: composing the content, posting the content and collecting information
  • Use Google Keyword tool in order to know what are the most searchable keyword in your business in order to compile them in blog articles, that will help your blog to attract a lot of targeted visitors.