Closing the sale is the action that makes your effort worth its value. By closing the sale, we usually mean that you won the deal. However, closing is not always the final step. Closing the sale means that the client agrees or shows acceptance to buy from you. In many cases the client agrees to buy the product or service, however he does not fully agree to all conditions you offer. First of those conditions is price. Price is not the only term where there might be disagreement. The disagreement might be over terms of payment, delivery period, training, warranty, …. Those disagreements can be covered by negotiations.
Anyhow, closing still is the first sign that you won the deal. Actually it is 75% of the deal if not 100% (in some cases there is no negotiations as in simple products or retail outlets where there are fixed prices).
Many salesmen however perform well starting from prospecting (finding the prospect), attracting his attention and turning him to lead, then investigating his needs, presenting the solution, then making the proposal. And when it comes to closing he just procrastinates, he doesn’t even try to close the sale. He looks like a football player that took the ball from his goalkeeper, went through all players and when he reached the opponent’s goal he started to play sideways.
If you reach the goal would you shoot the ball to score or play it sideways?
A lot of good salesmen play sideways when they reach the goal. That is the blunt truth.
Why do they choose to behave this way? It is ‘Fear of Rejection’. They are afraid to lose the whole deal if the client says the dreadful word “NO”.
Being able to overcome your fear is the single most important aspect that would make you achieve breakthroughs in selling.