When the web site is finished you can also make your announcement on your social networks so that you drive traffic your web site fast. On your website you should also have all your social networks announced so that you get some followings from referred traffic. You can also make some ads that direct to your web site from first day of launch specially if you have had a lot of good content on your site blog. The blog should be a vital part of your site as it will drive traffic using numerous ways as:

  • Search engine organic traffic: search engines – especially Google- like very much the site that has a lot of content and a lot of pages. Text is the most important kind of content regarding search engines as searchers use text to search. If you have a lot of articles in your blog carefully optimized on keywords related to your business and related to what people use of keywords to search, then your blog will get you much targeted leads to your doorstep. Try to make some research for most important keywords people use to search for your type of business or service, and for each key phrase you find make an article where this key phrase is repeated in the context such that it forms a density of 3-5% of the article. As much as you have pages related to the content people are searching, Google will rank you high relevant to those search terms that you might be able to be listed at the first page of the search results. As you might already know more than 99% of internet users do not go behind the first search results page.
  • By publishing useful information about your industry you set yourself as the market leader in your field, thus becoming credible enough for leads to make business with you.
  • Your site will enjoy repeat visits especially if you keep on updating the site blog and of course the rest of the site regularly. Repeat visits makes you engaged friends in your market
  • When your site has rich content some websites will refer to your articles thus spreading your site address all over the internet, thus attracting more visitors by referrals, as well as raising the Google Rank for popularity of your site. (You are popular when people in the street point to you, the same applies on websites, Google knows that your website is popular when a lot of web sites point to your URL)