Who I am

I am an Entrepreneur who Pioneered the Digital World 25 years ago, starting from working as a software freelencer developing software for companies and factories, then I started to deliver the hardware that runs the software I make.

When business grew I started my IT Integration company at 1990. At that time I was following the news of the Internet before it reached Egypt, I envisioned that the Internet would be the Technology Of The Future that will embrace all applications and will converge with other technologies. I decided to be prepared for that time.

By 1995 and with the evolution of the World Wide Web and the first browser, Internet was admitted to Egypt for commercial and home use. I established an Internet Web Development division in my company.

3 years later I established another company specialized in Web Site Development, that company has taken the Internet Business to a new level.

In the year 1997 I signed an agreement to be Egypt’s Partner in a large well known Trade Show, it was called COMDEX Egypt, and that was my first encounter with Marketing from the professional side. I established a company for that special purpose to promote and sell the exhibition floor space. I managed the marketing campaign which contained a lot of advertising activities and made big success. I also managed the event marketing activities where we were selling sponsorship activities to our clients.

In the year 2000 I acquired a company specialized in Multimedia, where we had a lot of successful projects with large companies and organizations, one of which was the “Digital Signage Network of Dubai Airport“. Where we implemented a multimedia system to manage advertisements over 100s of screens all over the Airport.

In the Year 2006 I merged my companies to one company specialized and focused in one area to be Egypt’s First Digital Marketing Agency “Promolinks” where we continued the series of success that is reached by now. During all that time I was managing and operating my companies on day to day basis. I was working closely with my teams and clients to deliver the best service that suits each and every business.  I accumulated experiences in many fields from commercial, to manufacturing, to services as I dealt with diversified businesses in all fields.

Starting October 2013, I stared my private consultancy business under the name Nasseredin E-Consulting Services to deliver my expertise to companies aiming to grow using state of the art Digital Technologies.