How to build my Online Presence – Part 1

Now after I have built my website, my social media profiles including their visuals, what next.

For Facebook I have made the Cover Photo and image, graphics posting templates and made some posts. I have done the same for the other 3 Networks. I opened a new Hootsuite account and started posting and scheduling the posts on the 4 Networks.

The question now is when should I start promoting those profiles, is it suitable to do that from first day? Or after some time when I have some enough fans and followers and enough posts to have an impressive presence that ought to be followed?

I found that I can invite some intimate friends to join at the beginning in order to have them as numbers who will not criticize you for low number of fans, they will also draw your attention to mistakes you might be doing and give you feedback about your performance. They will later on act as brand advocates who will drive their friends to follow you too.